Key Business Solutions

Key Business Solutions

Key Busniess Solutions
KeyBS is an integrated IT service and solution provider having a broad range technological solutions and services across diverse industries including government institutions, financial groups and blue-chip companies. Today, more than 3 million users / businesses covering most of GCC and Southern Africa, are using solutions developed and tailored by KeyBS.

The company provides:

    • • Ideal Card solutions for Exchange houses, banks, malls, retail outlets, restaurants and hotels or any other point-based privilege scheme.
    • • SMS systems for promoting any kind of products, services or facilities. The system is used and can be used by several vertical and horizontal businesses. Such as: financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, telecommunication companies, postal and courier services, etc…

Latest and complete solution for point-of-sale technology inclusive of full and customized bill payments solutions for various different sectors such as electricity, telephone, toll etc… through kiosk machines, web, mobile and other channels.

Remittance and money transfers ready plus custom-made solutions. Other tailor-made IT solutions and services.