About Us

About Us

About Arabi Holding Group

Arabi Holding Group Company K.S.C., is one of the leading companies in Kuwait established in 1981. Five well established and financially secure companies merged to form the Arabi Holding Group. This merger enabled these companies which retained their individual identity, to be merged corporately, thus increasing their effectiveness, by coordinating their combined expertise and financial resources.

These five companies, each of which had made a significant impact in the rapid advances in Kuwait, are now able to offer their valuable services to Kuwait and other countries.

Arabi Company W. L. L. is the largest and most successful of the Five Companies which form Arabi Holding Group K.S.C.

From its earliest beginnings in 1963 Arabi Company has been known for the quality of it’s products and services and earned a good reputation as a major supplier of wide range of products. Today that self same image of quality is the hallmark of all its operations.

A program of controlled expansion since 1982 has allowed the company to diversify into further fields of specialization. Today the construction, landscaping, water and oil sectors are served by highly trained teams of engineers and technicians providing turnkey operations from design to fabrication, civil engineering and erection. A product portfolio covering electrical mechanical and electronic products and systems serves an ever expanding marketplace.

Our products and systems are on view in eight easily accessible showrooms covering the whole of Kuwait. Supported by extensive warehouses and one of the finest fabrication facilities in Kuwait the whole operation benefits from an after sales service, which is second to none.

In addition to the above, the company has wide agency tie ups all over the world for variety of products and is a partner to Gulf Services Company and Industrial Supplies Company, Muscat, Oman and joint venture with Furmanite International, United Kingdom.


To actively participate and become a premier player in the rapidly growing market in the middle-east & in the segment where the company provides products and services to the local economies.


Financial Highlights

The Group has been successful in maintaining a stable and impressive financial position, even at times when the business climate was not very encouraging, due to its diversified business activities.

The Group is currently listed in the Kuwait Stock Exchange.